.......Le Béarnais et autres langages sifflés de la Méditerranée

.......Le Béarnais et autres langages sifflés de la Méditerranée

Sibilinguae English

Welcome to the English  version of

      " Sibilinguae"


The blog of non tonal whistled  languages

about all they have in common,

  their past, present  and future


  First of all, who we are .....:

                       We are native speakers of Béarnais, the language of the Bearn region, in the western Pyrenees. We are commited to maintaining the vitality of our cultural and linguistic heritage .

Our Ossau  valley is rich in pastoral traditions, folk dances and songs. People from the village of Aas, looking out over the valley, whistled to communicate in Béarnais, just as the inhabitants of  La Gomera (the Canaries), Antia (Evia, Greece) and the valley of Kuskoy  <the village of birds>  in Turkey still whistle their own languages today.

                             Our  project is to exploit the few  recordings  (*) made at Aas in the sixties  to  revive the know-how  of the whistled communication in Béarnais  .  The specificity of our approach is in using a Participatory Action Research process.

(*) = please wait  +++

        We have had the good fortune  to receive  support and help from specialists who did field research at Aas in the late sixties      

René Guy Busnel  and

Bernard Gautheron  ( Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle)


        as well as from 

Julien Meyer ,  Université  de Lyon II

     who has been studying whistled languages worldwide


                     Our friends  in La Gomera Don Isidro Ortiz and Don Eugenio Darias  have offered their support to enable us to overcome any difficulties encountered . Their skills as experts in "silbo"  and as authorities in  teaching it  are  a very precious  resource

                     We may take advantage  of the skills of the Canarian Whistlers (*), because béarnais language is very close to spanish.

        On September 2011 , our first whistler visited Don  Isidro Ortiz on La Gomera ( Canary Islands) for a one-to-one workshop.

                        Contribute your opinions and ideas on our  forum  , and  urge us on :

" Siulaires , Aban !" 

 "  On the road to success !   Whistlers "


Meeting with whistling shepherds
of High-Atlas, Morroco, August 2013

Listening to a whistled dialogue: - May 2012 Conservatoire de Musique de Pau

Understanding a whistled dialogue:  - May 2012 Conservatoire de Musique de Pau

Broadcast  "Lo Siular d'Aas" on Radio France Bleu Béarn  March 2012 

meeting 25 September 2011 on La Gomera ( Canary Islands)

A whistler from the Pyrenees  with  Don Isidro Ortiz

interview : Pierre Vidal & Bernard Gautheron 2007

Field research  : Bernard Gautheron on la Gomera

Listen to  wistled poems

listen to sentences in whistled bearnais

listen to words in whistled greek

listen   to expressions in whistled turkish 

 Compare these  3 whistled languages



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